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What is PEEK and Why it is a great alternative to metals?

PEEK is a


  • Polymeric biocompatible material
  • Significantly similar to physical properties of bone.
  • Comparable properties such as strength, stiffness, and elastic modulus to cortical bone
  • Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and hydrolysis in saline solution
  • Not Heavy, 10 times lighter than most of the metals used in Dentistry
  • Extremely low moisture absorption
  • White to ivory color biomaterial
  • The scientific studies have shown no allergy to PEEK
Metal-Free Crown and Bridges/ PEEK

 in Medicine:

It has been for decades that Implantable PEEK polymer has been progressively used in variety of medical devices in Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Maxillofacial surgeries.

How PEEK implants are placed and what are the scientific histological findings about Osseointegration and bone formation around PEEK Implants:

How you could restore your chewing funcionality, esthetic and confidence with PEEK implant system while you cannot use any other systems due to your thin jaw bone., PEEK Dental Implant, PEEK Basal Implant

For more information and scientific articles please click the scientific recource logo on the right (isoSS):

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