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BioDent Esthetic Dentistry

Specialists in Immediate Implants

Crestal & Basal Implantology

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BioDent  Esthetic Dentistry

Nyugati tér 5, lst floor, door #3

1132 Budapest, Hungary

Your Dream Comes True:  Implant solution with No Bone Grafting & No Lengthy Sinus Lifting ......

"Immediate or delayed loading without bone grafting in complete loss of height of the alveolar ridge with the help of customized medical PEEK implants"


We offer a wide variety of treatments:

  • Traditional implant solutions for those who have enough bone for routinely used titanium implants.

  • PEEK Basal implant solutions (our expertise) for those who don't have enough bone for simple implantation.


We make such patients' dreams come true by use of PEEK basal implantation without any aggressive surgeries such as "Bone grafting or huge Sinus lifting".


All our patients on the right pictures had very thin and small bone thickness of jaws. They could not have teeth for many years because they didn't want to have very difficult, aggressive, lengthy and expensive bone grafting surgeries. Most of the clinics and doctors rejected to treat them anyways due to  difficulty of the treatments.


However they finally found about us and got their implants with no bone grafting or any other aggressive surgeries.


We are proud and grateful to be ones of the few who are holding "Atrophic Jaw Therapy" certificates in the European Union taken courses in Paris University XII/ Université Paris-Est Créteil and CH Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France. We are approved and licenced by International Scientific Society for Promotion of Knowledge about Isoelastic Materials in IntraOSSeous Surgery ( 


This special implant technique has several advantages:

  • Possibility to place implants in thin bone,  even in 2mm thickness.


  • Providing implants and fixed temporary teeth in one week.


  • Avoiding heavy bone graft surgeries.


  • Avoiding extensive sinus lift surgeries.


  • Avoiding general anasthesia.


  • Avoiding usage of removable dentures.


  • Possibility of immediate loading.


  • Avoiding the overstress of the bone by the  implant by distributing the forces.


  • Usage of bioinert materials.


  • No known allergies to PEEK.

We are also specialised in  PEEK Prosthesis. Bridges made from PEEK are the best suitable prosthesis due to great properties of PEEK material.

Traditionally used Metal-Ceramic or even Zirconium bridges are way heavier than PEEK bridges and consequently there are always too much force transmitted to implants which could eventually cause some bone resorption around the implant. Also PEEK bridges could be removed much easier than Metal or Zirconium cemented bridges. In addition PEEK bridges could be repaired and reused afterward.

The advantages of PEEK bridge are as follow:


  • Extremely light, 10 times less heavy than Metal-Ceramic

  • Bone like features

  • High esthetic apperance

  • Bioinert, no known allergy

  • Stress shielding and distribution

  • White color, therefore no grey margin

  • No abrasive properties

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