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BioDent Esthetic Dentistry

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Crestal & Basal Implantology

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BioDent  Esthetic Dentistry

Nyugati tér 5, lst floor, door #3

1132 Budapest, Hungary

Composite Filling

Composite filling is a procedure to seal cavities caused by dental bacterial caries. Composite has various colors which matches with neighbour teeth. It is more esthetic and also much healthier than black Amalgam filling material.


Inlay is a special type of filling made by the dental laboratory, being more esthetic and also more long lasting. The possibility to have secondary caries is much lower in inlay than in normal filling.

Post and core

Post and core is necessary if the tooth is severly damaged. We can put a post into the root canal after a succesfull root canal filling and build up the missing part of the tooth.


When the crown of the tooth is extensively damaged or/and there is also a missing tooth/teeth, we can restore it with a crown or a bridge if the patient doesn’t desire implantation. We shape the tooth/teeth and then take an impression from the preparation; therefore the dental laboratory could make the crown/bridge accordingly. The crown/bridge covers the prepared part of the tooth like a cap.



Emax/ All Ceramic










Root canal treatment

Various factors could lead dental bacteria enter and inflame the pulp and tip of the tooth (deep caries, physical trauma, chemical trauma). Pulpal inflammation causes pain and results killing and resorption of the live tissues at the tip of the root. To save the tooth, the inside of the tooth must be totally cleaned out and filled in with special material called Gutta-percha. This process is known as root canal filling.

Complete Removable Denture

It is an option when patients have no teeth and would like to have an affordable and fast solution. It is removable and has lower stability than implant solution.

Partial Removable  Denture ( Simple and Precision attachment)

Partial Removable Denture is attached to the neighbour teeth with or without precision attachments.


Dentures fixed with precision attachments have better stability. All the fixed and removable parts are prepared together to ensure the best esthetic and functional results.

OverDenture (teeth supported &Implant supported)

OverDenture is placed over the existing teeth or few implants if there are no teeth existing. It has quite a good stability and still more affordable than complete implantation. However patients could only gain maximum stability and satisfaction with complete implantation solution.


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